When the pandemic hit, Local 4 members across New England stepped up to keep our economy running and support essential workers.

The Canton Citizen recently featured our op-ed highlighting the critical work that Local 4 members are doing for local residents.

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I’m proud to stand by you as we continue to lead the industry and build our region’s future.

In Solidarity,

Bill McLaughlin
Business Manager
Operating Engineers Local 4

Local 4 proud to keep Canton workers & families safe

As Canton and communities across Massachusetts prepare to re-open, it’s clear that protecting everyone’s safety is more important than ever. That’s why at the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4, we’re committing our resources and industry-leading safety expertise to protect Canton’s families and essential workers.

Many of our members live in Canton, and countless more are proud to work here.

For instance, many have been working with the National Water Main Cleaning Company here in town to sanitize MBTA buses and their ventilation systems. Thanks to their tremendous work, they’ve been able to keep public transit running throughout the pandemic, helping thousands of other essential workers get to their jobs safely.

Ensuring that our workers stay healthy on the job is our number-one priority. That’s why we’re working hard to define a new industry standard for safety.

It all starts with clear communication. We work closely with companies and our members to ensure that they adhere to clear guidelines, in accordance with state and federal regulations and the latest public health research. We make sure all our members have personal protective equipment and education on how to maintain social distancing. And we provide all of our members with paid sick leave so that they don’t have to worry about paying the bills if someone in their family gets sick with COVID-19.

Clearly, recovering from this global pandemic will require unprecedented coordination to ensure public safety, restart our economies, and support working families.

These new research-based practices keep our job sites and our communities safe and they keep our workers healthy. We’re proud to do our part for Canton’s families and essential workers.

Bill McLaughlin

Business Manager, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4