Brothers and Sisters,

We are excited to announce Local 4’s recent donation of $100,000 to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is a top-ranked hospital and leads the way in important cancer research, such as precision cancer medicine and cancer immunology. Dana-Farber delivers advanced and specialized treatment for various types of cancers that have affected our membership, family, and friends.

We are honored to support the various operations that Dana-Farber undertakes, including: 

  • Clinical trials that lead to the development of new cancer-fighting drugs
  • Enhancing programs like support groups, nutrition education, and art and music therapies
  • Programming that focuses on the long-term physical, emotional, and social effects of cancer treatment
  • Buying state-of-the-art equipment that enables revolutionary research discoveries
  • Maintaining a world-class facility by attracting and retaining the highest caliber faculty
This donation was made possible through your contribution and participation in the Charitable Foundation’s 2021 Annual Golf Outing. We thank you for your generosity and commitment to supporting our communities. Local 4 is proud to contribute to further the advancement of future cancer breakthroughs and life-saving research for our membership, family, and friends. 

In Solidarity,

Bill McLaughlin
Business Manager
IUOE Local 4