Operating Engineers Local 4 strives to have strong collaborative relationships with our employers. In addition to our collective bargaining agreements, we are proud to be a partner with our four major employer associations on a Joint Labor Management Cooperative Trust, similar to other unions. The jointly trusted Cooperative Trust is funded as a “Taft-Hartley Fund” under section 302 (c) (9) of that Act.

The overall goal of cooperative trusts is to expand job opportunities and increase employee satisfaction. Our Joint Labor Management Cooperative Trust is a partnership designed to provide a forum for communication between union operating engineers and signatory contractors to address mutual concerns and encourage reasonable and fair solutions. One of its features is periodically surveying construction trends to ensure our signatory employers and the union are keeping up.

Our Cooperative Trust has been applied to over 900 completed bid projects and is currently in place on more than 500 active and ongoing jobs. It also has been used extensively in the paving industry to win back small, highly competitive private paving jobs.

Crafted in 1994, the Cooperative Trust is credited with providing millions of hours of work for Local 4 members.

For more information on the Cooperative Trust, or to request a current Trust Application Form, please call the Cooperative Trust Office at 508-533-9181.

Or, download your Trust Application Form here:

MA Trust Application Form & Guidelines
ME/NH Trust Application Form & Guidelines

Board of Trustees

Employer Trustees
Albert J. Welch, III, Co-Chairman
Robert Pine, Trustee
Drew Floyd P.E., Trustee
Union Trustees
William D. McLaughlin, Co-Chairman
Robert A. Burr, Trustee
David D. Dobson, Jr., Trustee
Christopher L. Carey, Trustee