Brothers and Sisters,

Throughout the pandemic, Local 4 members have been on the front lines of building and servicing the roads, bridges, buildings, and other public spaces that our families and neighbors depend on. We know that better infrastructure makes for stronger communities, both now and for future generations.

That’s why this week, May 10-14, we celebrate Infrastructure Week and renew our commitment to securing good jobs on projects that will modernize our region.

Our leaders are taking up the charge. In Massachusetts, a new $16.5 billion transportation bill is creating opportunities for projects throughout the Commonwealth.

And this spring, President Biden announced the American Jobs Plan, a sweeping new infrastructure bill. The bill would make historic investments in roads, bridges, transit systems, public buildings, water systems, and the nation’s energy grid. President Biden promises to create good, union jobs in the process.

All of us at Local 4 are dedicated to pushing our leaders to stand by their commitments. Please join us in celebrating Infrastructure Week — and all of the union Brothers and Sisters like you around the country who make our infrastructure possible.

In Solidarity,

William D. McLaughlin
Business Manager
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 4