Our thoughts and prayers are with the following members’ families and friends, along with the Brothers and Sisters who worked beside them. We will always remember their great service and dedication to Operating Engineers Local 4.

They will be missed. May they all Rest In Peace.

Peter V. Curran | 5/25/2020
Peter V. Curran was a 69-year member from Merrimac, MA. Services will be private.

Robert M. Flaherty | 5/15/2020
Robert M. Flaherty was a 64-year member from West Roxbury, MA. Arrangements will be private.

Paul T. Devito | 5/12/2020
Paul T. Devito was a 23-year member from Hudson, NH. All arrangements will take place at a later date.

George L. Proulx | 5/11/2020
George L. Proulx was a 10-year member from Alton, MA. Arrangements will be private.

Robert J. D’Ambrosio | 4/21/2020
Robert J. D’Ambrosio was a 60 year member from Cape Cora, FL. Services for Robert will be private due to the current viral crisis. Click here to write a tribute for Robert. 

Daniel J. Beane | 4/16/2020
Daniel J. Beane was a 58 year member from Malden, MA. Services for Daniel will be private due to the current viral crisis.

Louis Rasetta | 4/15/2020
Louis Rasetta was a 65 year member from Revere, MA. Services for Louis will be at a later date.

Frederick G. McNutt | 4/9/2020
Frederick McNutt was a 53 year member from Stoneham, MA. Interment will be private. Click here to read Frederick’s obituary and write a tribute.

William “Billy” D. Pierce | 4/7/2020
Billy was a 19 year member from Pembroke, MA. Services for Billy will be private due to the current viral crisis. Click here for Billy’s obituary.

Paul M. Meschewitz, Jr. | 4/5/2020
Paul was a 16 year member from Hyde Park, MA. Services for Paul will be private due to the current viral crisis.

David H. Lawson | 3/19/2020
David was a 57 year member from Henniker, NH. Services for David will be at a later date.

Edward C. Jacobson | 3/9/2020

J. Daniel Connor | 3/1/2020

John F. Farrell, Jr. | 2/29/2020
John was a 49 year member from East Falmouth, MA. All arrangements have taken place at this time.

Julie A. Myers | 2/28/2020

Mathew R. Cardoso | 2/28/2020

Thomas E. Holmes, Sr. | 2/5/2020

John M. Gomes | 2/3/2020

Charles A. Donati | 2/1/2020

Jeffrey G. Blais | 1/23/2020

Steven J. Englehardt | 1/20/2020

Richard A. Dunbar | 1/20/2020

Lawrence J. Montuori | 1/16/2020

Edward F. Peters | 1/15/2020

Robert E. Wheeler, Jr. | 1/13/2020

Louis A. Roy, Jr. | 1/13/2020

Robert L. Turini | 1/8/2020

Anthony A. Amorello | 1/4/2020