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Wage Schedules – Effective June 1, 2020
Massachusetts Wage Schedule
Maine/New Hampshire – Building Schedule
Maine/New Hampshire – Highway Schedule

Wage Schedules – Effective May 1, 2020
Field Engineers/Technical Engineers Schedule

Employers are able to enter their remittance reports via the Benefit Funds Website.


  • Click the link below. Enter your name, registration number, credit card number, and the desired payment amount.
  • Your dues will be credited the next business day and your receipt will be sent in accordance with your payment.
  • Please note that a 3% processing fee is added for online payment. To avoid this fee, we recommend the standard method of check, mail, or in-person payment.

Pay Dues

Dues Description
Members are encouraged to remit dues payments on an annual basis ($180). Quarterly dues may also be paid in three, six, or nine-month increments. Dues payments can only be credited to your account on a quarterly basis, and must coincide with the calendar quarters. Quarterly dues are due on the first day of each quarter.

International and Local 4 Death Benefits
Designation of Beneficiary: International and Local 4 Death Benefits