Brothers and Sisters,

Today and every day, UPS workers across the country are dedicated to serving our communities and delivering our packages on time. Now, more than 340,000 UPS Teamsters members are fighting for a fair contract with their employer.

With millions of Americans quarantined during the pandemic, essential workers like UPS Teamsters risked their lives, delivering goods to our homes during an unprecedented boom in online shopping. They have earned a better contract. UPS must offer the Teamsters a contract that reflects the important nature of their labor.

At Local 4, we believe and fight for workers’ rights, and are proud to stand alongside our brothers and sisters at the Teamsters union. UPS Teamsters enrich local communities, move our neighborhoods, help small businesses, and support working families all over the country. They deserve the best contract possible with high wages, safe working conditions, reliable health care, and secure retirement benefits.

I hope you will join me in this call for a fair contract. Thank you.

In solidarity,

William D. McLaughlin
Business Manager
Operating Engineers Local 4
International Trustee